Tri-Odyssey Kite

  • Tri-Odyssey Kite
  • Tri-Odyssey Kite
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Dutch designer, Carel Vander Sander has brought to Premier two fascinating kites. Similar to the mesh sail-work seen in Willi Koch's kites, Vander Sander bases his designs on multitudes of interlocking triangles. The "open air" design is both spectacular in the sky and excellent at shedding stress when the winds ramp up. From Fano, Denmark to Long Beach, Washington, these gorgeous creations are truly unique to see at any kite fly anywhere.

Size (W X L): 164 x 136 in. / 417 x 345 cm.
Wind Range: 6 ~ 18 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Hollow Wound Fiberglass
Line: Recommended 150 lb. Test Line