Mini Back Pack Sled Kites - Butterfly Sparkle (Set of Six Sleds)

MSRP: $59.40
Item #17131

Based on the indestructible ram-air sled kite platform, the Mini Backpack Sled Kite is a perfect kid's kite -- no sticks to break, no assembly required and packaged in a colorful miniature backpack! The pack has a handy key ring, making this kite a breeze to take to the playground. Also makes a great party favor!

Size (W X L): 18 x 12.75 in. / 46 x 32 cm.
Wind Range: 6 ~ 18 mph
Fabric: Nylon
Line: Includes 10 lb. Test Line & Winder

Includes six Backpack Sleds (same design).

UPC: 630104171315