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For over 30 years Premier Kites has focused on one thing -- making high quality fabric kites that fly great. Many consumers think making a good kite is easy, like simply molding a plastic toy or making a T-shirt. However, making a good kite is extremely difficult. A kite must be light, a kite must be durable, a kite must be able to fly in a wide wind range and a kite must look great in the air. Because kites are our passion, we understand these challenges and work with the finest materials, the best designers and the most conscientious kite factory in the world. Finally, our kites designs are thoroughly tested in different winds to the highest flight standards.


Premier's head of product development, Val never settles for anything but the best. With numerous kite building awards from the Smithsonian, local kite events and the AKA Nationals, Val has a passion for kites and was classically trained in kite building by the late Paul E. Garber of the Smithsonian Institute.
"No other kite products in the marketplace beat the look of our appliqué kites. This "old school" kite craft of back-cut appliqué technique achieves an intensity and level of splendor unmatched by any sort of cheaper printing methods. It is a technique master kite makers around the world understand and appreciate. It is an expertise Premier has perfected and dominated in the industry for over 30 years of kite manufacturing. Most kites look good in a catalog or on the web. But when you look up at the sky, a Premier appliqué kite will broadcast its beauty far above the rest."


Susan, the head of the creative department, believes that children’s art should be open-ended and inspire a child’s imagination. She believes, as well as the rest of Premier, that our mission is to offer a huge diversity of themes for children to encourage a child’s imagination as well as a child’s sense of individuality. She has Fine Arts degree in communication art & design with a focus on illustration for children.
"I enjoyed my childhood. I think it is in part because of a vivid imagination that I was encouraged to use. Perhaps I haven't quite outgrown that part of my childhood. Some of my designs feel like they've come straight from my childhood imagination. All of the designs, whether by me or one of the many talented people we have or have had in the art department, reflects what we like best about childhood."

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