Kite Holiday Quick Gift Guide

Kites make the perfect present for the holidays or anytime. It is a gift that can trigger the imagination, promote relaxation, and encourage family time. However, we are sympathetic to being overwhelmed by our amazing selection of kites and we have narrowed down kite choices to a quick buying guide right here. We've asked some of the employees to explain what they like about their favorite kite type and here is what they had to say:

Val: Deltas are a great kite for first time flyers. They have the ability to stay aloft in a broad range of wind. Also, all of our deltas (56” on up) come with built in tail loops. The larger deltas make great family kites.

Val is the General Manager at Premier and has been with Premier the longest. He is the glue that holds us all together. If you are shopping for one gift that is for more than one person, consider one of our delta kites. They are a fun gift for the whole family will enjoy. Make sure you check out all of our tails and accessories that you can add to this great family gift.

Susan: Well, that is difficult. I like both the diamond kites and the dragon kites. I like the dragon kites because they have that beautiful tail that waves in the sky just like a horse tail. Diamond kites are just iconic and traditional. Also, they are great fun to accessorize with additional tails. They both require consistent winds for a perfect day of kite flying, but that suits me. Also, we have a huge selection of 30 inch diamonds for boys, girls, little ones and big ones. Traditional designs and contemporary stuff, too!

Susan is the head of the creative department. She cares about what everything at Premier looks like. She decorates just about every room of her home with kites. So if you know someone who is creative and likes pretty things that can also be outdoor fun, listen to Susan.

Marcus: The Easy Flyer is exactly what a kite should be. Easy to put together, easy to put away, and easy for anyone to fly. There is something for everyone. Gotta go, I have a call I have to take...

Marcus is the our National sales representative. If you know someone who is very busy and on the phone a lot and needs a fun and easy thing to do outside, get them an Easy Flyer. They come in 3 sizes and many designs. They are our best selling style of kite.

Patricia: I like the parafoil because I can keep it under the front seat of my car and it is always ready if I want to just get outside and fly a kite. I like that the winder and the tail fit right into the bag and that the tail is easy to remove to adjust for wind conditions.

Patricia is in marketing and is a no nonsense kind of flyer. If you are shopping for a no nonsense type of person, listen to Patricia.