Windicator Recumbent Bike Flag - Orange Tabby Cat

MSRP: $56.50
Item #53745

Windicator Recumbent Bike Flags come with a 6mm carbon rod. Windicators inflate to a 3-D shape and will increase your visibility; fellow bikers and motorists will notice you riding your recumbent bicycle.

Windicators are a lively combination of a directional windsock and all your favorite playful characters!

- 3-D body inflates with the slightest breeze.
- Large intake for automatic inflation with slightest breeze or movement.
- Head area is laminated for stiffness.
- Legs are also laminated for stiffness.

Windicator Size: 27 in. x 20 in.
Style: Windicator
Pole: 6mm carbon rod included (67 in. long when assembled, 26 in. when broken down)
Designer: Premier Kites
Bike frame mounting bracket not included.