Widow Pro Classic Ultra Lite - Patriotic Star

MSRP: $252.00
Item #67833

A limited edition of this kite is now available -- the kite is signed by Jon Trennepohl, Master Kite Designer!

The same design and updates as the new Widow Pro Classic but with lighter materials.

We have created an unbelievable kite for low to midrange wind. By the use of new sail cloth and lighter Sky Shark wrapped carbon tubes this allows the kite to fly in lower winds. For a low wind kite, the performance is still there for doing all the latest tricks. This kite will make you look like a Pro in light winds.

Designed by Jon Trennepohl and developed in collaboration with Devin Cobleigh-Morrison.
Size (W X L): 95 x 39 in. / 241.3 x 99 cm.
Wind Range: 2 ~ 12 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Polyester
Frame: Sky Shark Wrapped Carbon p90/p200
Weight: 9.7 oz. / 275 gm.
Line: Includes 80 ft. of 100 lb. Test Spectra Line with Winder and Straps