6mm x 6 ft. Bike Flag Pole for Recumbent Bike Flags w/Clamp

MSRP: $28.50
Item #85451

This three-piece 6mm pole has a shock corded feature that makes for easy assembly and keeps the pole together on bumpy roads. The pole is 72 in. long when assembled and 29.5 in. when broken down. Includes convenient tow-loop at top of the pole for spin devices and one #85462 Steel Band Clamp to secure flag to the pole.

For use with Apex, Tri-Stack, Feather Banner and SoundWinds Banner-Style Bike Flags. The pole also has a loop for use with SoundWinds Turi and Fusilli Recumbent Bike Windsocks.

Size: 6mm diameter x 6 ft. long
Material: Fiberglass
Includes one #85462 Steel Band Clamp