9.5mm x 8 ft. Extra Stiff Bike Flag Pole for Recumbent Bike Flags w/Adapter

MSRP: $40.50
Item #85458

This three-piece 9.5mm pole is held in place by ferrule friction. It is highly advisable that for extra security, poles are glued or taped for extra security on bumpy roads. The pole is 96 in. long when assembled and 37.5 in. when broken down. Includes one #85462 Steel Band Clamp to secure flag to the pole.

For use with Bike Flags, Twisters, Hypnotwisters or Bike Windsocks where you want more stability in your pole and one #85465 9.5mm to 6mm Adapter so the pole can fit in a standard 6mm bike mount.

Size: 9.5mm diameter x 8 ft. long
Material: Fiberglass
Includes one #85462 Steel Band Clamp and one #85465 9.5mm to 6mm Adapter