Wind Turbine 220 - Rainbow Orbit

MSRP: $63.80
Item #99411

Wind Turbines are available in a broad range of sizes and produce a rotating spiral of color. They are inflated by the wind and rotate as air passes through their vented throats.

The number next to the Turbine represents the length of the device in centimeters. For example, the Wind Turbine 220 is 220 cm or 87 inches long.

The smaller models, sizes 90 and 150 work well on most average size entry level kites. These smaller sizes work nicely on the kite line or in some cases as a kite tail. The 90s and 150s also look good on telescopic windsock poles. Wind Turbines in the 220 and 500 sizes work on larger kites or on very sturdy flag poles.

Image shown left displays (from the top): Rainbow Orbit design, Warm Orbit design, Cool Orbit design, Black Op-Art design, and Peace design.

Size: 87 in / 220 cm